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About Dennis

Dennis Dubinin

Graphics: I’m using awesome Unreal Engine 4 as main game engine for make 3D world real, as mush as possible. C++ low level programming, Blueprints for GamePlay and Shaders, OpenGL and DirectX for low level shaders implementation. For modeling I’m using 3D Maya and sculpting tools like World machine.

Sensors: In real world we have human sensitivity and gadgets, My goal here put this sensors in virtual world and you will fill like in real world. In technical point of view that means I have deal to with C++ programming, drivers implementation, micro-controllers, microprocessors, fpga.

AI: Virtual world should be smart enough for simulate behavior, like in real world. For this topic I’m using Python/C++ programming, Deap learning, GPU Computing, CUDA, OpenCV, Unreal Engine 4 AI.