Announcing Flare

We are releasing Geodesic Flare into public beta today. During the beta, you can buy a copy of flare for 50% off, and receive a free upgrade to Flare 1.0 when it is released.

You can purchase flare at – if you’d like more information, you can also go to

What is Flare?

Flare distills the power of Unreal for people who want to build live events. This could mean lighting designers who want to previsualize shows, streamers who want to level up their streams, or creatives who want to do amazing things that we haven’t thought of yet.

For Lighting Designers

Flare supports MVR and GDTF importing, so you can integrate it into the workflow that you’re already using. It also responds to sACN and ArtNet, which will allow you to use your existing control software and hardware to visualize events in Flare.

For streamers

With NDI alpha, you can put yourself directly into a custom show. Use camera sequences to play through different views, and sync your light shows with Ableton.

What you get in the beta

The software is not done yet. We have a big vision for what this product could become, and the product is still incomplete. We are offering 50% off during the beta as a thank you for supporting us while we finish up the first version of the product. There are still many features that we’d like to build out, and would appreciate your support in seeing them through.

We have been working on this product internally for a while, and this version is 0.5.0. We have an overview video that explains the capabilities of this software.

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