Author: Peter Klipfel

We are releasing Geodesic Flare into public beta today. During the beta, you can buy a copy of flare for 50% off, and receive a free upgrade to Flare 1.0 when it is released. You can purchase flare at - if you'd like more information, you can also go to What is Flare? Flare

BHTC unveils their vision of next generation glasses-free 3D displays at the IAA autoshow New display technologies are the result of Dimenco’s developments in Simulated Reality Glasses-free, full 3D instrument cluster uses patented switchable 2D/3D lens technology Big step in the design of human-technology interaction in the automotive industry Lippstadt, 06.09.2019 BHTC will demonstrate

Step by step guide how you could create generic lumberyard gem and do custom stereo rendering in Lumberyard engine. Last version of gem you could find in Github 1. I hope you already downloaded and installed the latest version of Lumberyard. If not, you can find it here: 2. Create a new gem inside StarterGame