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FAQ Page

What is Geodesic?

Geodesic develops products based on Unreal Engine that push the boundaries of media and entertainment. Our goal is to help companies, developers, and creative people build amazing experiences that push gaming, digital interaction, and entertainment to the next level. We see game engines as the tool of the future for creating any interactive digital experience and we believe that by leveraging those tools we will be able to merge both our physical and digital world to one. Our team has worked with numerous cutting edge technologies including, eye tracking, hand tracking, 3D spatial audio, AI, 3D rendering, and haptic technology, and have experience with the media development work-flow and the needs of creatives. This allows us to provide users with the most intuitive interface to seamlessly integrate new creative paradigms into their existing workflows. We started life as a services company, and if you are looking for custom Unreal Engine integrations, we are happy to put you in touch with people who might be able to help.

Can you implement a custom plugin for us?

We are no longer taking contracts for plugin development, but we are happy to put you in contact with people who are.

How can I contact you?

Visit our contact page and send us a message with your questions or comments.

Whats your favorite type of cake?

The cake is a lie…