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Latest from the Blog

Geodesic presents at UnrealFest 2020

Geodesic had the pleasure of working directly with Epic Games to bring the new DMX plugin to life in Unreal Engine 4.25. In this talk we show how you can use the built-in DMX plugin to remotely control immersive virtual production experiences. The DMX plugin allows the same DMX input to control virtual fixtures as […]

VR / AR Pioneers

Geodesic Games started out, as you might have gathered from the name, with the intention of making games. A grand plan that was pushed aside for the same reason many less committed developers fall to the wayside: making money. However, Geodesic didn’t simply walk away. Instead, the team pivoted and carved a niche for themselves, making tools […]

Simulated Reality display visualization at the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA)

BHTC unveils their vision of next generation glasses-free 3D displays at the IAA autoshow New display technologies are the result of Dimenco’s developments in Simulated Reality Glasses-free, full 3D instrument cluster uses patented switchable 2D/3D lens technology Big step in the design of human-technology interaction in the automotive industry Lippstadt, 06.09.2019 BHTC will demonstrate its vision […]

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