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Our employees deserve the best!

The balance between work and life is important to us. We strive for the best working conditions for all our employees in order for them to be successful and have fun.





Are you a talented, passionate, C++ game developer? This role involves using your best C++ and development expertise to help us build experiences of the future. In this role you will wear many hats, so any experience in marketing, design, business, etc. is a plus.

If you love blueprinting and bridging the gap between the C++ programmer and the Unreal Engine scripters, send us a message. In this role you will be designing and developing unique interactions using the UE4 blueprinting system. We are always looking for multi-disciplinary candidates so if you have skills beyond blueprinting, it is a plus.

We are looking for a technical artist to help us with all aspects of design and gameplay development. This role requires wearing many hats and being willing to learn. We expect this person to be passionate about all aspects of design as well as be able to propose unique and creative ways to solve a challenge.

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