Nordic Games Conference 2019

In May 2019 Geodesic Games, with support from the Looking Glass Factory, got the opportunity to attend the 2019 Nordic Games Conference in Malmö, Sweden. During the conference Geodesic Games showcased to developers a first-look at Unreal Engine content on the Looking Glass display. Designers, developers, and industry experts experienced a new dimension of gaming and visualization through the combination of Unreal Engine’s high quality real-time rendering and the glasses free Looking Glass 3D display. Throughout the conference users were able to get a hands-on experience through playing a multi-player 3D combat game using Xbox controllers as the interface. Attendees were also introduced to the new Unreal Engine HoloPlay SDK and its ease of use in integration within a standard developers workflow. Over the course of two days, many developers and industry experts including Epic Games were introduced to both the Looking Glass display and the new UE4 HoloPlay SDK. There was very positive feedback and plenty of interest for both the plugin and 3D display technology.



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