UE4 DMX Plugin

Since late 2019, Geodesic has been working in collaboration with Epic Games to bring advanced tools for controlling DMX in Unreal Engine. In the Spring of 2020 an experimental version of the DMX plugin was released with Unreal Engine 4.25 release. Contained within the plugin were a variety of powerful tools for monitoring, receiving, and sending DMX entirely through Unreal Engine. While at the time it was still an experimental plugin, many users grasped onto the idea of real-time control of DMX and began incorporating both hardware and software control in all kinds of creative projects, using the DMX plugin as the core control layer. Additionally, many artists and musicians began seeing the potential in realistic real-time rendering and DMX control.

We have continued to make iterate on and improve the functionality of the DMX plugin since the Unreal Engine 4.25 release and have seen tons of amazing projects from the Unreal Engine community utilizing the tools from the DMX plugin.

Along with the DMX plugin tools we also developed and released a DMX template project available to all users to get started with the DMX plugin.

More information coming soon…

For documentation on the Unreal Engine DMX Plugin, please visit the Unreal Engine Documentation website.