Gesture-Controlled Slingshot

This demo was developed to showcase the potential of hand motion and gestural control within a gaming context. In this demo, we used the Leap Motion (hand motion tracking hardware) along with 3D stereo rendering to create an interactive glasses-free 3D experience. The experienced was designed and developed around the limitations of the hardware and the usability of the player. We created a simple experience that was intuitive, fun, and natural enough for a range of players to understand and enjoy. For this experience, players were tasked with grabbing and pulling a slingshot and then aiming and releasing to fire a projectile at a range of targets. We designed the experience to match the time of year, Halloween”. We wanted it to be approachable and enjoyable for everyone so it was designed with a playful style while still maintaining a sense of urgency. The experience was tested by hundreds of participants of varying ages, backgrounds, and interests. We received extremely positive feedback and often had groups of people crowded around the display, waiting for a turn. Overall we were able to create an experience that was natural and fun yet also successfully displayed the capabilities of the technology to users who had never been exposed to it before. -Content/IP Ownership of Dimenco