Magic Zoo

Magic Zoo is a game within our “Persistent Game” series in which the user is tasked with designing, building, and managing their own zoo right in their living room. The player has the freedom to set up their zoo in any configuration to try to make a profitable and successful business. The player must keep their employees, customers, and animals happy. Using the 3D mapped world, the player can place animals, fences, shops, and more anywhere around them. Just imagine, you could have an aquarium or seal exhibit in your kitchen sink. But managing and maintaining a zoo is not easy, after the player logs off the world persists and the business continues to run. While the player is away, bad things can happen which is why they will also have the ability to manage and monitor their zoo from afar. Using their mobile phone, the user will be able to fly through their zoo and check up on the status and health of their employees and animals. But not to worry, if anything does go wrong the user will receive a notification on their phone that trouble may be near.