Motion Control Platformer

This was developed to test out a new form of gaming interaction in which you use your body as the controller rather than your fingers. To accomplish this we used dynamic eye-tracking data  to determine 3D spatial positioning within the real world. This data was then used to provide extremely precise input to control a character within a game. To be more specific, we were able to use the delta movement of the x, y, and z to provide motion input to the character, ultimately transforming your head motion into analog control. We found that users really enjoyed this form of control because of its unique, yet intuitive characteristics. To make the experience more engaging we tasked the player with guiding their character along a treacherous path with thin walkways and steep cliffs with the goal of reaching the end without falling off the edge. To add  difficulty to the player, camera location and rotation was dynamically changed to alter the perspectives providing a bit more challenge in guiding the character through the environment. This demo was well received and most people were able to understand the control scheme within a matter of seconds. -Plugin/IP Ownership of Dimenco