Realtime Dome Projection UE4

Unreal Engine Plugin for Realtime Content Projection on Dome

The Unreal Engine Dome Projection plugin is a tool that allows users to render out a 360 degree view from any Unreal Engine scene at runtime. By rendering this at runtime it is now possible to create dynamic and interactive content instead of a static linear video based experience. All rendering is done in one instance of Unreal Engine and uses a modified version of the Stereo Rendering pipeline meaning all post processing and standard rendering effects are available for use. Anything that can be accomplished in Unreal Engine can be rendered out to a dome of any size with any number of projectors. Resolution can be easily modified and adjusted based on rendering hardware and desired output to achieve the desired result.

This tool is perfect for taking your dome projections to the next level through realistic runtime rendering and entirely dynamic and interactive content.

Possible use cases:

  • 360 Degree Flight Simulator
  • Interactive group lessons (trivia)
  • Showcase physical products that communicate with visuals
  • Interactive audio visualization
  • Visual feedback from positional tracking
  • Multi-Sensory Video using UE4 DMX Control plugin

If you are interested in using this tool please contact us to discuss your project and needs.